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Apply Machine Learning techniques to real world finance challenges and elevate your Artificial Intelligence knowledge to the next level.

Four hands on project will test your domain and coding chops in this part time course designed to be practical and intense from the very first session.

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Mon & Thurs
4 weeks
19:30 - 21:30
Python programming and Machine Learning Fundamentals
Finance Professional, Machine Learning Engineer, Automation Engineer


This course is a hands-on and project based designed to impart practical training of applying Machine Learning techniques to challenges in the finance industry.

Harness the power of Python and Machine Learning to solve a variety of industry problems.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Gain a deeper understanding of real-life industry problems
  • Predict stock market Index using machine learning
  • Get a thorough grasp of sentiment analysis
  • Learn how to use Python for data cleaning, Exploration and automation

What you'll learn

Unit 1 :

We recommend you request a syllabus for full course details

"Coding for Absolute Beginners Guide"

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