Python Fundamentals

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Tue & Thu
3 weeks
19:30 - 21:30
Junior Developer, Python Developer
- Digital (Linkedin, CV)
- Physical (Employer)


This course is an introductory course on python so that you can write programs which manage data. You will be introduced to powerful libraries and tools which will empower you to manipulate, clean and take charge of your data.

This will provide you the platform to leverage the power of Python to solve a variety of industry problems.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 :
"Coding for Absolute Beginners Guide"

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Identify/Characterize/Define a data problem
  • Implement a solution to a data problem using a Python program
  • Design and implement unit tests with Python
  • Design a solution to a data problem
  • Read most Python code written by other programmers

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You will receive the following certificate upon completing the course. Xccelerate certificates will be issued digitally for you to add to your LinkedIn as well as your CV and resume. Xccelerate certificates are recognised as the industry standard with hundreds of employers, start-ups and leading tech companies and enterprises. Xccelerate skills allow talent to up-skill fast, gain career advancement and industry recognition.

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