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Xccelerate’s Corporate Training platform empowers enterprises to transform teams with advanced technical learning that is relevant, timely and on-demand. By leveraging our Solutions, organizations drive digital transformation, upgrade employees and harness untapped potential in key areas such as data science, AI, blockchain, design thinking or cloud computing.

We focuses on delivering powerful learning outcomes across industry, department and skill literacy. Each custom solution utilizes Xccelerate’s unique experience in training 900+ professionals and working with 50+ leading multinationals to maximize their talent ROI across industries.


Hands-on approach to drive advanced learning outcomes


Cloud-based learning content, self-paced labs and learning portal


Targeted skills upgrade on industry-specific use cases

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With advanced skills embedded in the workplace, your teams become smarter, increasing productivity and customer delight


dollars will be driven by A.I. Companies by 2022


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How Does It Work ?


Needs Analysis Consultation

An expert will be in touch to understand your digital goals, technology needs, technical team dynamics and current data infrastructure


Bespoke Learning Plans

Xccelerate generates learning and delivery plans around relevant projects, data-sets and key knowledge gaps to maximise opportunities for value creation


Deploy Outcomes

Generate tangible results with optimised training content, deep technical skills and drive meaningful talent retention

Learning Deployment Across Industries


Using Xccelerate, insurers can boost digital initiatives by upskilling employees that already possess domain expertise and analytical rigor. A.I. in insurance can benefit customers and drive operational, product and pricing efficiencies. Use cases include:

Premiums & Risk Optimisation

With the right knowledge, teams can model profitability and customer conversion to optimise top-line growth by analysing vast customer behavior data sets.

Faster Claims Processing

Train talent to streamline claim processing times and costs. Empowering employees to build models that recognise anomalies improves claim quality and reduces fraudulent claims.

New Product Development

Teams seeking to underwrite new products with complex demographics will benefit from machine learning knowledge to accurately predict insurability.

Manufacturing & Automotive

Manufacturers need to upgrade workforces to address their data challenges. Empowering employees with A.I. tools translates into real-time insights around asset optimisation, manufacturing conditions, visual identification and equipment calibration.

Predictive Maintenance

Train teams to predict failure by harnessing structured data such as electrical signals and equipment vibration. Equip your workforce with skills to develop end-to-end models that improve equipment effectiveness and cost structures.

Optimised Quality Control

Make quality control models a learning outcome so that teams can fix quality concerns earlier. Transform the data deluge from materials, production status and environmental variables into A.I. models that reduce lead time and cost of inspections.

Demand Prediction

Consistent improvements in demand forecasting optimises production. By empowering employees with cutting edge models, manufacturers can apply A.I. more effectively to product requirements and forecasted trends.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Leading logistic companies can upgrade their talent bases to leverage A.I. to drive higher profitability, operational effectiveness and margins.

Predictive Network Management

Efficient operators can use historical data to predict freight lanes and networks. By training teams to build models, operators and teams can predict transit time with accuracy.

Intelligent Route Optimization

Teams that can build and maintain route optimization models with A.I. can increase efficiency of each delivery and improve overall bottom line.

Expedited Customs Brokerage

Logistics companies that leverage technology to extract customs documents into easily readable formats can automate the entire declaration process and reduce heavy labor costs.

Fin-Tech & Banking

While the banking industry is facing increasing scrutiny and costs with regulation, incumbents are deal with new threats daily from fintechs. With access to deep tech skills, financial institutions can drive innovation in new ways:


Despite being a revolutionary technology, blockchain is in its early stages. Xccelerate can equip workforces with blockchain and A.I. skills for secure enterprise solutions.

Robo Advisers

Keeping track of investment opportunities is prone to human error. Using A.I. knowledge, teams can assist their clients more effectively.

Loan Approval

Equipping teams with the right models allows for accurate loan default predictions, therefore servicing customers better and faster.

Fraud Detection

Fraud costs the industry $400 billion annually. Using A.I. skills, teams can automatically spot outliers and identify suspicious actions to improve the customer experience.

Digital Wealth Management

Upgrading talent with A.I. skills can automate a spectrum of portfolio management services and drive personalisation for the customer.


A.I. has immense potential to improve patient outcomes and save more lives, as well as improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare:

Advanced Disease Detection

Latest advances in computer vision allows for early detection of illnesses. Leading teams can process images from X-Rays, CT and MRI scans with speed for correct diagnosis and drive higher standard of care to patients. Patient records can be used to train A.I. models and pattern recognition to rank patients by disease risk.

Drug Development Acceleration

Deployment of A.I. can reduce the time and cost for developing effective treatments. Pharmaceutical teams can utilise the latest algorithms to analyse molecular compounds to make high probability evaluations on the effectiveness of the investigated molecules.

Optimising Facility Usage

Using historical facility data such as patient, event, and environmental factors, Xccelerate can train teams to model likely usage of different hospital facilities. When the usage demand can be reliably predicted around ICU beds, discharge rates or new ER patients, teams can better prepare for projected usage load translating into more effective wait times, bed usage and staffing levels.

Enhancing Patient Safety

Drug-drug interaction is a major risk, particularly in complicated medical cases. By deploying A.I. to screen patient outcomes vs their medication records, patient safety is enhanced by flagging potential adverse interactions, as well as potentially identifying drug allergies which the patient is previously unaware of.

Retail & ECommerce

E-commerce is platform that disrupts traditional retail. Incumbents in the supply chain space can find plenty of advantages in investing in their team’s ability to deploy A.I. to drive digital transformation.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Retailer companies can upgrade talent to deploy algorithms that forecast demand during significant events and predict trends. This allows automated supply chain management to generate significant ROI by giving clients what they need on-demand.

Advanced Loyalty Programs

By gathering historical data around buying habits, retailers are able to predict what customers are likely to buy. Using A.I., teams can quickly build accurate customer profiles and target efficiently.

Advanced Gesture Recognition

Using computer vision, retailers can recognize in real time what customers are buying and automate cashiers. Gesture recognition even allows companies to harness models and libraries that can analyse facial behavior.

Engineering & Construction

The industry is ripe for implementation of AI capabilities given the complexity of projects. There are numerous opportunities to upgrade teams to lower costs by synergizing more optimally.

Building Information Modelling

Training your team with data science reinvents the BIM costing framework. Algorithms can evaluate topology, geometry and other building elements to enable classification advances.

Worker Risk Mitigation

With computer vision, construction companies can deploy technology to monitor in real time unsafe subcontractor behavior to increase the safety level of projects.

Schedule optimization

Each part of a single construction project has tight deadlines, as some parts are interconnected a delay of one would lead to the delay of the entirety of the project. With machine learning, companies can reduce the risk of delays.


The architecture workflow (project delivery, performance, billing etc…) is going through ongoing automation. Architecture firms facing competition from other players can leverage new data tools to deliver additional value to their clients.

Automated BI Platform

While spreadsheets are heavily used across industries, training teams on business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau will streamline the organization. Dashboards will help organize a project more efficiently and free time for management to make progress.

A.I. Driven Design

Despite a creative backing, A.I. can help save time with mundane tasks involved in design. Training your team on A.I. will enable them to focus on more value added actions.

Project Forecasting

Using data from past projects will help predict how long a project should take. In a competitive environment, this leverages resources to save money.


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