R Programming for Machine Learning

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Machine learning is a subset of AI and Data Science. It is an algorithmic approach of data mining and predictive modelling that enables software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The essence is to ask your computer to self-learn massive data to look for hidden patterns. The Machine Learning approach of predictive data analysis is changing the traditional way how a company gets business insight from the company data. Consider taking the first step to get yourself prepared for the imminent Big Data era.

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5 weeks
13:30 - 18:30
None, but Basic Programming Encouraged
All course materials are prepared in English. Lectures are conducted in Cantonese (supplemented with English)
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This is a practical course that will equip you with the R Programming techniques to get familiar with an array of popular machine learning models, ranging from the basic Multiple Linear Regression, K-Means Clustering, Random Forest to the advanced Artificial Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). In particular, you will understand why a computer can recognize your hand-written digits and an image with application of Deep Learning techniques.

It is worth mentioning that this is a unique course that combines Financial Data Analysis, Machine Learning and elementary Deep Learning techniques. You will learn from the basics and no programming skill is assumed.

To many people, data science is a difficult mathematical subject. Instead, we would not adopt a rigorous mathematical teaching approach during the curriculum. Our experienced trainer will use many life-like analogies to illustrate abstract concepts, you will certainly be able to learn Machine Learning Models with confidence and fun.

What you'll learn

Unit 1 :
"Coding for Absolute Beginners Guide"

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Pave your way to be a successful Data Analyst or Data Scientist
  • excels your peers with the knowledge of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning Models and Data Mining
  • Learn the most sought-after skills in this Big Data and AI era
  • be a pioneer in your Company to propose a gateway to data analytics with the AI technologies

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You will receive the following certificate upon completing the course. Xccelerate certificates will be issued digitally for you to add to your LinkedIn as well as your CV and resume. Xccelerate certificates are recognised as the industry standard with hundreds of employers, start-ups and leading tech companies and enterprises. Xccelerate skills allow talent to up-skill fast, gain career advancement and industry recognition.

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