Leading Hedge Fund House: Upskilling the workforce with Python, Data Engineering and Visualization.

Thomas Ho

27 Nov 2020

A leading hedge fund house in Hong kong with more than 60 employees wanting to train part of their team on python, data engineering and visualization.

The team devised a curriculum based on datasets from the finance industry and created a course which would be useful to the participants on a immediate basis to boost their day to day productivity. Utilizing popular python libraries for computation and visualization the course left the learners with a powerful set of tools and frameworks to take their data management skills to the next level. The training proved to be successful with staff gaining the right level of skills and knowledge to further their learning journey and provided them with the tools to apply this to their own projects at work. "Their heavy focus on applied learning meant that we worked on real data and solving real problems right from the start. While lectures were a valuable component, the real learning took place while working on projects. These projects were practical, engaging, and instructive"

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