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Xccelerate’s Corporate Training platform empowers enterprises to transform teams with advanced technical learning that is relevant, timely and on-demand. By leveraging our Solutions, organizations drive digital transformation, upgrade employees and harness untapped potential in key areas such as data science, AI, blockchain, design thinking or cloud computing. We focus on delivering powerful learning outcomes across industry, department and skill literacy. Each custom solution utilizes Xccelerate’s unique experience in training 900+ professionals and working with 50+ leading multinationals to maximize their talent ROI across industries.

Benefits across the enterprise

Expert Trainers

Hands-on approach to drive advanced learning outcomes

Learning Platform

Cloud-based learning content, self-paced labs and learning portal

Holistic Talent Development

Drive active learning, advanced tech skills and entrepreneurial mindset with real-world projects.

Build a Tech-driven Enterprise

Upgrade your team’s productivity and decision making with cutting-edge technologies.

How does it apply to your industry

Xccelerate works with organisations to create custom educational solutions to address the skill gap in the workplace today and to increase productivity of employees.


The Banking industry is just one of the many industries, which benefits hugely from data science-driven insights. With a natural affinity for numbers and quantitative methods, it not surprising that it was one of the early adopters of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI to generate increased revenue. While applications are endless and the research questions will be different in every specific context and bank, 4 general themes matter most:

Fraud detection

Fraud detection is a big topic in banking. A team of good data scientists will be able to flag suspicious transactions in a bank’s client data and build models that can determine the probability of activity being fraudulent with high confidence.

Targeted marketing

Data Science offers a powerful tool for customer segmentation and as a result knowledge about how banking clients are different/similar to each other and how they cluster, the better a bank understands its customers, their demographics, and needs, the better it can market its products through targeted marketing and individualized offers.

Contact Us

Speak to Xccelerate's professional enterprise solutions team, with decades of industry experience and future -centric mindset, we are sure we can find the right solution for you.

Contact Us

Speak to Xccelerate's professional enterprise solutions team, with decades of industry experience and future -centric mindset, we are sure we can find the right solution for you.

How does it work? Project-Based Approach for Innovating Real Business Values


Proprietary Approach to Enterprise Skills Gap

An expert will be in touch to understand your digital goals, technology needs, technical team dynamics and current data infrastructure.


Customization and Curriculum Building

Deep-dive understanding of your stakeholders’ needs and transform them into learning outcomes around relevant projects, data-sets and key knowledge gaps to maximise opportunities for value creation.


Deploy Outcomes

Generate tangible results with optimised training content, deep technical skills and driveProject-based mentorship and training to translate digital roadmap into your value creation.

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