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Cybersecurity Immersive

12 weeks, Full-Time

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Course overview

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp at Xccelerate, powered by Cybint is an accelerated cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path.

This Full-Time Cybersecurity Immersive Bootcamp is designed for students with a burning desire to understand the cybersecurity landscape and how to proactively protect organizations and individuals from digital threats. In this 12-week immersive Cybersecurity Bootcamp, you will learn the practical cybersecurity knowledge, building blocks and tools that will empower you to tackle, build and deploy Cybersecurity initiatives. A cybersecurity certificate will be given upon completion of the course. You will develop the practical cybersecurity skills necessary to work in a job requiring a thorough up-to-date understanding of cybersecurity knowledge and best practices to prevent and mitigate security breaches.

The classroom and learning environment is designed to be practical and allow students to quickly apply their new cybersecurity skills to real-world problems and work with real datasets in our cybersecurity course. While many PhDs spend much of their time engulfed in theory and self-study practitioners struggling between time and subject management, your 500 hours with Xccelerate will be spent on effective practical learning to build a career in one of the most exciting fields in technology: Cybersecurity.


Course Delivery

Course schedule - Monday to Friday

Daily lectures on course material

Weekly face-to-face tutorials

Co working space available

Offline mentor support (5 days a week)

Campus hot desk available to all students

Access anytime or anywhere

Access to all recordings in case you miss a lecture

Online support from mentors

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Career outcomes

Get hired or get refunded*

If you don’t receive a job offer within 6 months of graduation, your tuition will be refunded. - *Terms and Conditions Apply.


Graduate job placement rate

28 days

Average graduate to placement

4.3 ★

Satisfaction rate

Real Students. Real Results.

Course plan

Unit 1


Basics of Computer and Device Hardware, Software, Operating Systems and Processes in Windows and Linux

Nerking Basics nd the OSI Model

Unit 2

Bootcamp Introduction

Overview of Bootcamp and Cybersecurity Industry

Cybersecurity Career Paths

Prework Content Review

Unit 3

Network Administration

Network Configuration - LAN, WAN

Segmentations, VLANs and Subnetting

Network Mapping Tools

Troubleshooting and Monitoring Networks

Network Devices - Switches, Routers


System Administration

Unit 4

Introduction to Cybersecurity

NIST Framework

Malware Types

Social Engineering

Vulnerabilities, Risks, and Exploits

Famous Cyber-Attacks

Unit 5

Network and Application Security

Cryptography - Symmetric vs Asymmetric Keys

Encryption/Decryption, Hash Functions

Security Architecture

Security Tools - Firewalls, Antivirus, IDS/IPS, SIEM

Access Control Methods, Multi-factor Authentication, Authentication Protocols

Honeypots and Cyber Traps

Unit 6

Incident Handling

Detection and Analysis of Cyber-Attacks - DDos/Dos, Brute-Force

OSWAP Top 10 Attacks - SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting

Group and Individual Incident Report Writing

Unit 7


Computer Memory Forensics, Memory Dump Analysis

FTK Imager, Autopsy, Redline and RAM capturing

Digital Evidence Acquisition Methodologies

Registry Forensics

Windows Timeline Analysis and Data Recovery

Network Forensics, Anti-Forensics and Steganography

Unit 8

Malware Analysis

Dynamic Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Malware Obfuscation

Fileless Malware Analysis

Containment, Eradication and Recovery Malware Stages

Android APK Analysis

Unit 9

Ethical Hacking and Incident Response

Ethical Hacking Processes and Methodologies

Network Hacking, Reconnaissance, Google Hacking and Locating Attack Vectors

Exploitation Techniques

Web Application Hacking, OWASP Top 10 - XSS, SQL Injection, Manual and Automated Attacks

Post Incident Activity

Unit 10

Secure Design Principles

Trend Analysis

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Zero-Trust Policy

Best Detection Methodologies

Incident Impact Mitigation

Unit 11

Risk Management

Risk Management Processes

Analyzing, Prioritizing, Evaluating and Monitoring Severity of Internal and External Risks

Risk Management Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines

Security Models

Unit 12

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Cycle Methodology and Industry Implementation

Google Hacking - Operators, Finding Sensitive Data, Directory Listing, Devices and Hardware

Dark Web and Dark Market Investigation

Online Anonymity using Metadata, Google Cache, VPN and Tor

Trend Analysis, Basic Excel Data Analysis

Industrial Tool Practice in Real Environments

Unit 13

Final Scenarios and Interview Prep

Real-Life Scenarios of Cybersecurity Incidents

Final Exam

Group Project Presentations

Technical and Soft-Skill Interview Prep


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Frequently Asked Questions

Xccelerate was founded to address the main concerns that our students found lacking in traditional offline and even online learning environments. What you will find with us that does not come standard with a majority of other options is: - Our dedication to practical hands-on training environments that keep you accountable to your own success but also provide access to a modern curriculum with the aid of expert instructors. - For our immersive programs, we provide an in-house career support team as opposed to many other institutes where you are left to fend for yourself. Your job search progress will be closely followed up by our career consultants throughout the duration of the immersive program and even after graduation. - Our career team organizes various career events, e.g. networking evenings, guest sharing, workshops, etc. With such a commitment, we have achieved 91% successful hiring rate in the previous cohorts. Your success is our success! - Access to an always growing tech community. All Xccelerate students are invited to join our exclusive learning community, which is a platform of sharing and receiving news related to tech, such as the latest tech inventions, tech-talent roles openings, etc, allowing alumni and all stakeholders to discuss.

Our bootcamp programs are completely immersive. We teach from zero and expect you to have job-ready skills after the course. While it is not fully required to have pre-existing hard tech skills before the course, we highly recommend completing pre-course prep work that will be assigned before the course begins to best set you up to succeed.\n\nThe immersive courses are engineered to produce the best possible outcomes within 16 weeks, therefore students should fully understand the commitment and work ethic required to complete the program.

You can schedule a free course consultation with us by emailing where we will address your current career situation as well as your desired outcomes to help point you in the right direction.

We do not offer trial classes at the moment as it turns out to be quite distracting for current students and instructors, but we recommend you to schedule a campus tour with our Admissions Manager at +852 68838583. You can observe the class and talk to our instructors if necessary to learn more about the course.

There are usually 15-20 students within each full time immersive course. In terms of in-house support offered by Xccelerate, our instructors are constantly available through dedicated channels that we have so that students can be walked through the course on a step by step level.

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