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Database and Data Engineering


Introduction to Python / Basic Python Knowledge 

Career Paths

Data Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist 

Course overview

In this 9-week part time course, you will be exposed to the principle building blocks that you can take with you in your aspiring technical career. From computer science principles in Python to database architecture in SQL, this course can give you the complete building blocks to springboard your technical career. The topics covered in this course cover much of the requirements from a computer science degree in university with an emphasis on data.


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Course plan

Unit 1

Foundations of Programming in Data: Setup, Operators / Expressions, and Control Flow

Using the terminal, Python in the CLI, Choosing an Editor, basics of programming (comments, numbers, strings, variables, naming), indentation and file management in Python

Operators, Expressions, and Control Flow

Unit 2

Data Structures, Methods, and Modularity (Functions / Modules)

Data Structures: Arrays (Lists vs Tuples), HashMap (Dictionaries), Sets and their methods

Functions, passing data to functions, scope, default values, variable arguments, practice writing functions

Unit 3

Object Oriented Programming, I/O, Exceptions

OOP: self, classes, methods, inheritance

Handling user input, dealing with exceptions, problem solving and the software development process. Project introduction.

Unit 4

GitHub, Portfolio, and Project Week

Learning GitHub to build your portfolio

Project Preparation and Presentations

Unit 5

Foundations of Databases: Data Modelling and the Conceptual Schema

Fundamental Database Concepts, Data Modelling, Entity Relationship Diagrams

Database Design, Cardinality, Normalization, Introduction to ERD project

Unit 6

Database Design, ERD Project, and the Logical Schema

ERD Guidance, Project Help, ERD Presentations (Part 1)

ERD Presentations (Part 2), Conversions into the Logical Schema

Unit 7

SQL, the Physical Schema, and Data Modification

Checking conversions, introduction to PostgreSQL, loading a sample database, modifying data, transactions, database management, & table creation. Viewing constraints and relationships

Introduction to SQL queries, filters, joins, groups, & sets

Unit 8

SQL Queries in Depth

Advanced SQL queries - subqueries and common table expressions. Exercises.

Introduction to NoSQL and BigQuery. Integrating SQL and Python via Psycopg2. Introduction to SQL injections

Unit 9

Project Week

Project Preparation

Project Presentation

Instructors and support team

Danny Vu

Database and Data Engineering Instructor


Hong Kong Island

Course schedule

Apr 19 - Jun 23, 2021

Mon & Wed: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Course closed



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