Mar 14 - Apr 27, 2022

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User Experience Design (Fundamentals)

6 weeks, Part-time



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UX Designer, Product Manager, UI/UX, Front-End Developer 

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Course overview

This course is a fundamental set of concepts and tooling we put together to help you kick-start practicing people-centric design for digital products. Within these 6 weeks, you will get practice in UX research, rapid prototyping, design systems and more. Together we will build simple apps, perform UX research, apply insights across platforms and finish with you focusing on your personal portfolio project.


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Course plan

Unit 1

Introduction to UX

What UX means for modern users today, mediums and career opportunities

Good vs. Bad UX

The job, the skills, the market and the trends

Unit 2

The UX Strategy

Learn how to create the right UX strategy for your product

How to identify value innovation

Selecting users for research and planning

Unit 3

Empathy pt.1: Focus groups, interviews and screening

Learn the 6 most popular user research types in detail

Understand when to adopt each research method

What can go wrong and how to prepare

Write a screening questionnaire and interview script for our project

Unit 4

Empathy pt.2: Desirability tests, card sorting and A/B Testing

Conduct user interviews for our project

Perform closed card sorting to create logical structure in your app

Learn how to execute successful A/B tests for optimal results

Unit 5

Defining pt.1: Problem statements and user personas

Learn how to extract the most important information from all insights collected

Identify a list of problem statements from our user research

Create user personas based on what you've learned

Launch innovative brainstorm sessions with How Might We (HMW) questions

Unit 6

Define pt.2: The user journey and user scenarios

Utilizing our insights to map the user journey for your product

Forecast user scenarios

Identify key activities and pain points. Plan for them.

Unit 7

Mid-term presentations

By now you've put in a lot of work. Present your progress to the class and collect feedback

Unit 8

Ideation pt.1: Cooperations in design thinking

Learn the 4 best ideation methods to spark innovative ideas

How to prepare for ideation workshops

Drawing with mobile and website templates

Unit 9

Ideation pt.2: Information Architecture & wireframe

Learn the basic components to create your wirefreame and try to create

Learn how to organise contents

How to do navigation in your product

Create Wireframe

Unit 10

Sketch, Figma, prototyping

Learn how to use different trended design tools, where is to find resources and plugin

Learn how to use software (Figma and Sketch) to design products that users will love

Efficiency tips when prototyping

Unit 11

Usability Testing

Learn how to plan your usability test

Best practices for conducting user testing

Create a report from your test results

Unit 12

Final presentations and showcase

We'll invite the UX community and companies in our network to see your final portfolio projects


Sheung Wan

Course schedule

Jan 11 - Feb 24, 2022

Tue & Thu, 7:15pm-9:15pm

Course closed



Mar 14 - Apr 27, 2022

Mon & Wed, 7:15PM-9:15PM

Starts in 47d 13:42:39



May 17 - Jun 23, 2022

Tue & Thu, 7:15PM-9:15PM

Starts in 111d 13:42:39



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Mar 14 - Apr 27, 2022

Mon & Wed, 7:15PM-9:15PM

Taught in: English

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