Crypto Analysis using Power BI | Data Science Trial Workshop

Online Event

Want to learn how to analyse and identify market trends to make better, data-driven decisions?

In this 1-hour data analysis workshop, you will learn how to build a powerful cryptocurrency analysis tool using Power BI. We will analyse different types of cryptocurrencies over various years and teach you how to create a dashboard in Power BI.

Why learn Power BI? Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool for analysing, modelling and visualising data. It’s accessible, easy to use and similar to Tableau, does not require any coding knowledge. It’s highly customizable and collaborative, making it a go-to tool for businesses.

Other popular data analysis tools include Python, Tableau, R, Excel, and SAS, to name a few.

Event Details:

📅Date: Thursday 31 March

🕒Time: 18:30 - 19:30 (HKT)

💻Format: Online Event

🌐 Language: English

This workshop will give you a taste of our virtual learning experience. Check out our Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp!

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Propose an event idea to us

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