Livestream: Introduction to Product Management for Startups.

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Most of Startups have no idea what Product Management really is, however, they all do it to some extent without even knowing it.

  • Have an idea and don’t know how to make it not just a reality, but a business? Have you ever wondered how to start and organize own startup?
  • Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur?
  • Do you think you know what you are doing? Do you know your business model? Your competition? Who do you need to hire and when? Do you know when you will be out of cash?
  • Are you fundraising? Do you know what investors really want? No, it’s not your pitch deck and cool team.
  • Do you know what Product Management really is?
  • Do you want to become not just a Product Manager or a Head/VP of Product, but a Leader?
  • Do you want to know what tools are used today by Startups in West?

Introduction into Digital Product Management for Startups is a one-hour webinar for Startups, Managers and Students aimed to provide a full overview of the Product Management field, process, compensation range, career opportunities, requirements and tools.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Product Management?
  • What is Business Development?
  • Difference between Product Management and Product Leadership.
  • Product Lifecycle.
  • What is an Opportunity Development?
  • What is Design Sprint?
  • What is Product Requirements Document and how to write the one which will actually be used?
  • What after launch?
  • Do I need a Product Manager?
  • Why do you need a Product Leader and not just a Manager?
  • What makes a good Product Leader?
  • Tools.
  • Startup plan to follow basic steps to set up anything on your own.

BONUS: stay until the end to receive a link to download your FREE copy of: Startup plan with templates.

Who should attend:

Startup Founders and anyone who is interested in starting own company. Everyone who wants to become a professional Digital Product Manager and get a job in a startup Managers and anyone working with Google Docs interested in how to format, manage and write professional documents like Product Requirements Documents (PRD) in Google Drive and collaborate with a team and external stakeholders. Product Managers interested in understanding differences between a Startups and Bigger Companies and learning deeper aspects of different tools and organizing workflow better.


No previous experience is required.

About Mev-Rael London:

Mev-Rael London is a digital haunt couture providing Digital Product Leadership, Product Management, Design, Mentoring, Consulting for High-End Influencers and Brands with a taste of Luxury.

Mev-Rael is certified Product Manager from world’s top Silicon Valley’s Product School, a digital nomad based between London and the rest of the world, Digital Product Leader with over a decade of experience in digital field, exclusively Software Engineering and Architecture, Product Management and Design, as well as Startups, Business Development, Closing and Marketing across variety of verticals from eCommerce, marketplaces till AI and fashion. Mev-Rael worked with global influencers like Dan Lok and Dan Martell and with startups across the world including Silicon Valley, UK, EU and Hong Kong.

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