AI and the Future of Work

R One Causeway Bay, 26F Sino Plaza 255-257 Gloucester Road, 00000 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


This seminar seeks to explore the impact of big data – specifically Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – on the everyday lives of people.

The advent of big data brings along many advances, benefits and conveniences to our lives, but at what cost?

Is your job at risk of being automated during the AI revolution?

Our highly qualified speaker will discuss which repetitive or labour-intensive jobs will likely be automated, but will also explore how continuing lifelong education can help the workforce of today cope with the increasingly rapid changes occurring in the workplace.

What we’ll cover:

  • How big data has changed our daily lives especially work

  • How Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is changing the local and global workforce today and into the future

  • The need for lifelong continuing education in today's world – Learning to learn for tomorrow

  • Pedagogical approaches to training the workforce for the future

Who should attend?:

If you are interested in modern and future use cases of big data and AI in society and what steps you can take to better understand it, this event is for you.

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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