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**Update: In-line with current government advice, this event will now be ONLINE VIA ZOOM only. **

Apart from manually looking for jobs online, are there other ways to learn about different job opportunities?

Is it true that the more applications you send, the better?

These are some of the burning questions many people may have when they are desperately looking for a job. Indeed, it is not easy to pull yourself together and look for a job after being laid off due to unexpected circumstances. How could you find a stable yet prosperous job? In the meantime, what can you do to prepare yourself?

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Know yourself and your career goals.
  2. Plan ahead and work towards your goals. Don’t just sit there and wait for ‘the opportunity’ to come.
  3. Use all job searching options. Don’t be afraid to reach out!
  4. Get resume and cover letter help from someone, be it a friend or a career consultant.
  5. Prepare for your interview and let yourself shine!

If you still want more insider tips, Xccelerate has just got the right workshop for you - a job-hunting workshop. We will reveal the hidden channels for a job search as well as some tips for your job applications.

Workshop overview:

  • How to be more visible on social media
  • How to search for the right person
  • How to send the first email
  • How to call straightaway the concerned person

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Your Next Chapter

This Job Hunting workshop is part of the “Your Next Chapter” campaign which aims to especially help those who are unemployed under this wave of unemployment. It includes a series of career workshops and consultation sessions.

Linkedin Workshop: 1st December 2020

CV Workshop: 11th December, 2020

Xccelerate Open Day: 11th December 2020

Job Hunting Workshop: 18th December 2020

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Propose an event idea to us

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