Brain Gym Series : FinTech and Fraud Management Workshop


Interested in making a move to the hottest & most trendy job in the FinTech world?

About this Event

As Hong Kong experiences a boom in its abilities to cater to the community with advanced technological skills, one of the biggest industries experiencing this change is BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance). While the upcoming recruiters prepare for an increased number of applications in this field, are you prepared to make your name in this league and equip yourself with the most up-to-date knowledge required to stand out?

Join our introductory class if you:

1.) Are looking to supplement your current career with basics of Fraud Risk Management within Banking & Financial Services and/ or upcoming FinTech Organizations

2.) Are looking for a better understanding of the Fraud Risk Management within Traditional Banks vs. FinTech disruptors in the market

3.) Are a finance / business professional without any prior knowledge of Fraud Risk or FinTech Technologies

4.) Are an aspiring RegTech/ FinTech/ Fraud Professional or Data Scientist

5.) Are a Financial Services Professional looking to understand the latest Fraud Modus Operandi and latest Tools and Techniques to manage the same especially within Payments, Credit / Debit Cards domains

6.) Are a young entrepreneur d wanting to make the most of the upcoming risks and trends in Fraud Risk Management and FinTech boom

Trial class overview:

  • 3 hours of expert instruction from professional expert with more than 20 years of Industry experience
  • Learn the key Principles of Fraud Management
  • Learn how to think like a Fraud Management Professional
  • Explore on different Fraud Management related career opportunities in the FinTech industry
  • Get an opportunity to expand your Fraud Management & FinTech knowledge
  • Give the best start to your FinTech portfolio
  • Meet & connect with other like-minded professionals

No previous experience is required, we are welcome for absolute beginners

Language : English

Experience the FinTech Fraud Management application in a 3-hour taster class.

Seize this opportunity at our special trial price of $199.

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Propose an event idea to us

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