Code an API Server | Beginners Coding Workshop

Online Event

Ever wanted to build your own server? 👀

In this 1-hour coding workshop, we will teach you about Network APIs and how you can set up a server.

We’ll cover:

  • What is an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • How to access APIs (for example, check out Instagram’s API!)
  • Code a Node.js Express Server using Replit
  • Q&A and Career Discussion!
  • To follow the workshop and code your server, make sure to create your account on Replit. We will provide you with a boilerplate code, and you will be able to follow our instructor’s live coding demonstration to code your own server.

    Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with APIs, servers or coding in general. This workshop is open to beginners and we will explain everything you need to know!

    Event Details:

    📅 Date: Thursday 26 May

    🕒 Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm HKT

    💻 Format: Online Event

    🌐 Language: English

    Pre-Event Preparations No downloads are necessary for this workshop! All you need to do is create your account on Replit (

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