Learn to Analyze Big Data with Power Query

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If you are using Excel on a regular basis to prepare reports, and if you have to repeat the same tasks to perform your analysis. Then you should definitely be using Power Query.

Excel Power Query is the best thing that happened to Excel since Power Pivot. It lets you extracts large set of data from multiple sources such as:

  • Files (txt, csv, xls, folder)
  • Databases (SQL, MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL, Teradata, SAP)
  • Online Services (SalesForce, Sharepoint, Facebook, Exchange)
  • Other sources (Table, Web, Hadoop, OData Feed, ODBC)

If your firm is connected to any of this service, then you can save a lot of time and focus more value added tasks to help drive your business or career.

Join us on Wednesday, 28th to see how Power Query can help you. In this workshop you will learn how to pull multiple set of data in different format and aggregate it in a very clean manner.This powerful tool can save you a lot of time and can derive efficient insights to allow you to take data driven decisions in your business or career.

Post-workshop, we will share the templates and data sets that were created with these powerful functions. Please bring your laptop with excel downloaded. Due to limited spaces, kindly RSVP by the 27th of February.

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Steven Correy

Data Science Instructor

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Propose an event idea to us

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