Mobile Game Development Workshop | 使用開發手遊

TheDesk, 14F One Hysan Avenue


Learn about how you can create mobile games like the ones you play!

During this workshop we will go over what you would need to know to begin developing your own mobile game. We will focus on an open-source SDK (software development kit) called Corona SDK.

Corona is a free, cross-platform framework ideal for creating games and apps for mobile devices and desktop systems. Using the powerful but easy-to-learn Lua scripting language, over 1000 built-in APIs and vast selection of plugins you can learn how to make and even monetize your very own games for Android, iOS, and Windows.

This workshop will touch on the basics of coding (what you’ll need to learn to develop games) as well as how you can use Corona SDK to pursue mobile game development.

Below is a breakdown of what we will cover in this 2 hour session:

Workshop Rundown:

-Introduction to Corona sdk

-Quick Intro to Lua

-Corona fundamental concepts

-Simple game walkthrough

-Sound and music

-Creating scenes

-Game Logic

-Corona debugger and simulator.

Note: Please bring a computer. Prior knowledge in coding is helpful but not necessary.

使用Corona SDK開發手遊


Corona是一個免費誇平台的框架 ,用作開發手機和電腦系統的遊戲及應用程式最為理想。透過使用強大卻易學的Lua 腳本語言、超過1000個內置API以及大量可選擇的插件,你可學會創造自己的 Android、iOS及Windows的手遊,甚至能以手遊賺錢。

在這個工作坊中,你能了解到編碼的基本知識 (這是你在開發遊戲時所需要學習的知識),亦能了解到怎樣使用Corona SD開發手遊。

以下是兩小時工作坊中會介紹的分項 :

-Corona SDK的介紹







Corona 的解除錯誤程式及模擬裝置

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