Data and Analytics 2020 and beyond for Managers

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Although organizations are taking steps to manipulate data into insights, global surveys showed that businesses are still struggling with the quality of data and the problem of obtaining the right resources to turn these insights into the true value and become more data-driven.

Expectations are that data analytics will create new possibilities, but we are still in the early stages of its development. Every organization seeks to create value, leverage opportunities, and avoid threats but only the quick-thinking and profitable organizations know how to effectively make use of their available data to unlock these insights and be ahead of the competition.

What will be covered:

Data and Analytics: Past, Present, and Future

  • How big is the Big Data
  • Driving force for Digital Transformation
  • IoT Analytics, DataOps

The influx of Data and Real Business issues

  • Poor data can cost businesses 20%–35% of their operating revenue
  • Security and Privacy in IoT
  • Legislation dealing with nonhuman entities
  • Self-service with lack of Governance

Waves of future

  • Data Visualization to Business Outcomes
  • AI and Augmented Analytics -> Predictive to Prescriptive
  • Self-Service moves to Self-evident

AI, BI, and Data – who’s going to win

  • BI and AI are indispensable
  • Well-governed and centrally managed data wins

2020 to 2025 Data Management predictions

  • AI, NLP, Data Governance
  • Specialization of Job Roles

Analytics / BI / Data Management Solutions

  • Quick Peak into Leaders Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms, 2019
  • Critical Capabilities of an Analytics and BI Platform

Target Audience:

Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Managers


Vandana Murali

Data Science Instructor

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Propose an event idea to us

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