Facebook Advertising Playbook: Build Great Ads & Audiences

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“26% of Facebook users that click on ads report making purchases based on the advertisement. “ - Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Interested to generate leads & sales with Facebook Ads? We will deep dive into Facebook ecosystem from pages to groups & ads. Learn how to analyze your performance from Page Insights. Understand how an ad auction work to increase relevance. Hands-on practice of campaign set-up instead of textbook theories. Unlock the question of how to go viral with content and creative best practices. Find out the secret formula to Facebook Ads now!


Facebook Page & Group

  • Understanding Page Insights
  • Pros/Cons of Facebook Page & Group
  • Organic Marketing with Facebook Group
  • Facebook App Types
  • Facebook Ads Manager

Campaign Structure

  • Ad Auction & Relevance
  • Facebook Ads Manager (demo session)
  • Facebook Ads Guide
  • Facebook Tagging (Hands-On)
  • Facebook Campaign Set Up (Hands-On)
  • Type of Facebook Audiences


  • Advertising Metrics
  • Segmenting Ad Results
  • Industry Benchmarks

Content & Creative

  • Creative Best Practice
  • Carousel Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Content Best Practice
  • Facebook Creative Hub
  • Self Help Resources

Facebook Success Stories

  • Social Media Posting Tools
  • Facebook Help Center
  • Facebook Help Community
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Facebook Marketing Partner ‍


Rachel Lim

Senior Digital Marketer

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Propose an event idea to us

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