Let’s Talk Startups: Fundraising For New Ventures (Kno Global)

Online Event

So you want to start a business. Or maybe you’re just thinking about it. If you envision yourself as an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a great new idea, you’ll eventually arrive at a key turning point for the next chapter in your journey - fundraising.

How do you go about raising funding for your business idea? How can you perfect your pitch to best appeal to investors? What decision process do investors usually have?

Join us on International Women’s Day for a chat with award-winning founder of Kno Global, Marianne Hughes, shares her experience and learnings about startup fundraising.


  • Introduction to Kno Global & Marianne’s background
  • Marianne’s experience and process of launching Kno Global
  • The steps she took in the process of fundraising
  • The challenges she faced and how she overcame them
  • Marianne's advice to eager entrepreneurs on how to get started with fundraising
  • Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in starting their own business venture
  • Anyone curious to work with early-stage startups in fundraising
  • Anyone new to and eager to learn about fundraising process and schemes in Hong Kong
  • Event Details 📅 Date: Tuesday 8 March (International Women's Day!)
    🕒 Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm (HKT)
    💻 Format: Online Event
    🌐 Language: English

    About Your Host

    Marianne is the Founder and CEO of KNO Global, with a vision to humanize the supply chain and reach 10m factory workers globally.

    KNO Global is used by brands such as Target, Decathlon and Marks and Spencer to track worker well-being across their supply chain. The approach starts by building community in the factory, before launching their app and analyzing real-time data.

    Marianne started out as a regular consumer when a factory famously collapsed in Bangladesh. She set out to discover who made her clothes, and ended up working on the line at a factory in China. Along the journey she has become a thought leader on ethical fashion.

    She recently won She Loves Tech Hong Kong, part of the largest competition for female founders globally. She has raised angel, government and VC funding and regularly speaks on the topic of women in business.

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