HK | How To: Google Analytics for Your Business

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Are you fully taking advantage of the most powerful online tool for digital marketing?

Drive sales and lower your marketing costs with Google Analytics.

Now is the time to learn Google Analytics to utilize data and insights to grow your business. Google Analytics is the key to acquiring site users, understanding their behavior, and converting their views into revenue. Using case studies, videos, and live demos, attendees will learn Google Analytics’ key benefits, master Google Analytics user interface, analyze traffic data, and optimize reporting for getting key insights.

Learning Objectives

  1. Become familiar with the Google Analytics interface to get to crucial data quickly
  2. Analyze traffic demo & techno data to understand your audience
  3. Identify traffic sources to improve your traffic acquisition
  4. Deep-dive in the attribution & conversions to cross-everything
  5. Use the data to power your business
  6. Learn “on the house” tips & tricks to master Google Analytics
  7. Integrate Google Analytics into your online analytics strategy ‍

About the Instructor: Xavier Schillinger

Xavier specializes in online traffic acquisition and online performance. He is the CMO at Clickful, a HK startup that specializes in Online Advertising for Small Businesses. Xavier graduated from ESG School, Paris in Digital Marketing and has also studied Entrepreneurship at UCLA. Prior to Clickful, Xavier was the Campaign Manager at Awlogy, a media tech company in San Diego.



  • What does Google Analytics do?
  • How to use Google Analytics?
  • Introduction of Google Analytics in Google’s free softwares network

Navigation in Google Analytics

  • THE filtering trick
  • How to use the filters and view levels

Demographic data

  • Techno data

Traffic sources

  • Create your own sources!

Set KPIs

  • Backtrack all key actions


  • Cross-devices

Search Console

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Experiments
  • OPEN Q&A

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketers or aspiring digital marketers, or anyone on a team who needs to make informed decisions
  • Founders and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their data to grow their business and recognize holes in their web strategy
  • E commerce sellers running an online store Those looking to refresh their knowledge on an always evolving platform ‍

Why learn at this workshop and not online?

The completion rate for online courses is about 13%. When you learn with Xccelerate, you are not online investing in your own personal growth and education, but a wise and efficient use of your time.

What you’ll be able to do:

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be comfortable navigating and Google Analytics as well as digesting key information crucial to your business or work.

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Propose an event idea to us

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