How Modern Data Analytics is Shaping Businesses Today and Beyond


It is undeniable that data analytics has proven to be more important than ever now. Enterprises will have to make more data-driven decisions if they would like to survive and thrive. And individuals should equip themselves with data skills to maintain a cutting edge in the competitive job market. Come with your personal questions and insights in this interactive session!

Who should join?

  • Everyone who is looking to upskill themselves and their team, making a career change, or entering the workforce will find this session useful.

  • Fresh graduates, mid-career, or even senior management can benefit from this talk on Skills 4.0.


We will be covering these key areas:

  • Current data landscape and complexities in business

  • Data management challenges and opportunities

  • Proven methodologies of modern data analytics and management

  • Value propositions of data analytics for individuals, businesses and business sustainability

M.G. is an advocate of business digital transformation with current focus in big data analytics and robotic process automation. He is currently leading a team of experienced instructors at DigiRity who are passionate about helping more people learn how to make use of data analytics and other technologies in their work and daily lives.

M.G. has over the years developed and conducted both business and technology-oriented programmes for business owners, C-level, professionals, managers, executives and university students.He has over 30 years in digital consultancy, senior management and project management with multinationals such as KPMG, WorldGroup Consulting and NASDAQ-listed ININ, serving clients in property, banking, insurance and other high value industries across Asia Pacific & Japan, Oceania, Europe and North America.

He holds a Master of Information Technology and is also a dual degree graduate - Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

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Propose an event idea to us

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