How to Find and Hire OUTSTANDING Tech Talent in Hong Kong

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Are you struggling to buildi an A.I. initative? Need another coder or data scientist for your engineering team? Have you interviewed too many unqualfied UX designers or scrambling to locate a BlockChain developer on LinkedIn?

Assembling qualified technology teams is hard. Yet, every successful CEO harps on the importance of hiring the best talent possbile. If the talent equation is so crucial to success, why do so many companies struggle to maximize hiring ROI?

Whether you are an entrepuner, executive or HR manager, Hong Kong's talent eco-system possesses a number of challenges. Innovative talent is hard to find, attract and retain, especially as technoloies evolve so rapidly. Further, the talent shortage and changing workplace makes such hiring processes even more time-consuming, complex and costly on an individual basis let alone to build a team.

In this interactive workshop, learn to turn your talent challenges into opportunities to build a diverse culture. You will leave with the actioable knowledge and faith to navigate the Hong Kong Talent Eco-System successfully.

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About Xccelerate

Xccelerate is a one-stop corporate training to forming, retaining and growing integrated teams of skilled business analysts, data scientists, machine learning practitioners and software engineers. We empower organisations with corporate training programs and a on-demand talent pipeline to scale your data initiatives from data-resistance to data-driven. We help companies Xccelerate their go-to-market speed for company wide data-initiatives and navigate through the early inertia.

Lavine Hemlani: Founder & CEO of Xccelerate Coding Bootcamps

Lavine is passionate about eliminating the financial barrier between education and opportunity for motivated learners to unleash their potential. Prior to Xccelerate, Lavine co-founded FLYR and worked with deep learning start-up Thread Genius. Lavine began his career in investment banking in NYC at Lazard M&A and held roles at the following funds: Atlas, Marwar Capitaland Union Park Capital.

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