Bite Sized Linkedin : How to Source Powerful Recommendations

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Testimonials, or ‘recommendations’ as Linkedin likes to call them are 'social proof' that you are an industry expert.

There are few things better than a happy client singing your praises publicly. This one thing alone can help you to create new business opportunities, build your credibility and personal brand and present you as a key person of influence in your industry. The testimonial reassures other potential clients or those who you wish to impress or influence, that you are the go-to person in your industry.

Warm or referred leads convert much better than cold ones and these customers spend more and stay with you longer as well.

Linkedin offers you the chance to ask your happy clients, current & past bosses & colleagues to write testimonials for you & your work on your profile. These will present you to the market in a powerful & highly professional way and could even lead to a new job.

In ‘Bite sized Linkedin Session #5, Linkedin Trainer Steve Bruce will teach you everything you need to know to source powerful recommendations that will help your business.

You will learn:

  • The elements of a powerful recommendation/testimonial
  • How to ask for recommendations in the right way
  • When to ask
  • The secret trick you need to know to get your clients to quickly create a recommendation for you
  • Who you should ask
  • The 4-step process you need to follow to source great testimonials
  • The template I have used to source almost 100 recommendations

This webinar will be about 15 mins long, adding in time to let guests enter and Q&A.

About your Trainer:

Steve Bruce – Linkedin Trainer/Coach & Marketing Consultant, SB Consulting

Steve is a Hong Kong based Linkedin Trainer & SME Marketing Consultant. He has 30+ years’ international advertising agency, sales and marketing consultancy experience. He helps growing companies to tell their story in a clear, powerful way that will excite & engage their target customers. His tagline is 'marketing that makes sense' and he has helped his clients to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

He also helps Senior Executives, Business Owners & Corporate Teams to present themselves powerfully on Linkedin. The ‘SB Consulting magic’ is that 30+ years of international marketing experience means that he can tell your story better, in much less time and more effectively than you can working by yourself. He has also personally generated over HKD2.5m in revenue

To support you during these tough times, we are partnering with Hong Kong Linkedin Trainer Steve Bruce to run a series of FREE ‘Bite Sized Linkedin’ webinars.

Each Webinar will cover a small part of Linkedin’s many functions and each one is between 15 -30 mins long, depending on the topic.

We have already covered: 7 Steps to an ‘All-Star’ or 100% complete profile Linkedin Mobile App tips & hidden Features Why your headshot matters Bite Sized Linkedin: How to Post

You can view these by visiting our YouTube page – please subscribe to see future videos as we roll them out and like, leave comments & share to those in your network who might find them useful. This will help to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit.

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Propose an event idea to us

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