Livestream: Natural Language Processing using Python

Please watch the livestream on our YouTube channel

Does Chatbot interest you? Build a chatbot in minutes!

The hands-on workshop focuses on understanding what is natural language processing, emerging trends and applications of NLP in machine learning and writing a simple python program to design/create a chatbot from scratch using nltk package and jupyter notebook. This simple chatbot will take commandline text inputs/queries and respond intelligently. At the end of the session, you will be able to build your own NLP machine learning models.

Please watch our YouTube Channel for the livestream on May 16. We will be answering questions you might have in real-time. Please subscribe and click the bell icon on our YouTube Channel so you get notified when the livestream begins.


  • Basic programming knowledge (Java, Python or any other).
  • A hands-on knowledge of python scikit library and NLTK is assumed. However, if you are new to NLP, you can still follow the live stream and then refer back to resources.

Software required (Please install them before watching our livestream):

  • Python 3.7 (suggested from Anaconda
  • Jupyter Notebook or any other IDE to run python programs (Jupyter:

Topics covered:

  • What is NLP
  • NLP Applications
  • What's a chatbot
  • Reading in the data (To build chatbot knowledge)
  • Pre-processing the raw text
  • Building the chatbot Model (keyword matching)
  • Defining the response function
  • Testing the chatbot

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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