Meetup with Women in Tech: Insider Stories


IT industry has a history of gender inequality. Gender bias may discourage females from entering the tech industry. However, recently women are making an impact in the industry and there are growing female participating in management level. Doing good at interpersonal communication skills and attention to details pose advantages in IT career development. According to recent statistics, Hong Kong has 20% of female engineering and technical staff by 2020. Are you interested in joining the industry?

Calling for confident and talented woman ambitious in technology. Women in Tech Scholarship helps you make your dream come true! We are honoured to invite awardees to share their valuable stories, vision and learning journey.

The sharing session includes:

  • IT Job Market Overview
  • Women in Tech Scholarship Introduction
  • Women in Tech Scholarship Awardees Sharing
  • Q&A Session

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Language: English

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Propose an event idea to us

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