NFTs for Environmental and Social Impact


Come with your curiosity and open mind to this LIVE discussion on NFTs lead by Roy Weissbach. We will discuss the many ways we can leverage NFTs for social and environmental impact. Roy will lead the discussion on how blockchain technology can facilitate fundraising and royalty payment to accelerate sustainable development transition. Roy is an industry expert with passion project at Project Arc, leading artist conservation projects funding using NFTs marketplace and with Impact Circles leading various social innovation and education projects.

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Session Summary:

  • NFTs use cases for ESG impact

  • Social impact education

  • Other sustainability topics! Sustainable jobs, food, supply chain, products, and many more!

Who Should Join:

Everyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge and social capital through meaningful discussion on sustainability is welcomed.

More About the Speaker:

Roy Weissbach is currently working with CarbonBase, a fintech platform facilitating climate actions for enterprises and individuals. Carbonbase is working with enterprises to develop blockchain solutions for supply chain traceability, visibility, and emission tracking to allow individuals and companies to engage with carbon calculation, management, investment, and development opportunities in Hong Kong, East Asia, the EU, US - both for the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. Roy is engaged in Project Ark, an innovative blockchain-powered conservation platform built in partnership between Carbonbase and WWF Panda Labs. Through its rare digital collectibles or NFTs marketplace, Project Ark has directly funded animal and conservation efforts around the world.

He also leads Impact Circles, a global community of social impact enthusiasts, subject matter experts, and thought leaders accelerating the growth of individuals and meaningful projects in social innovation.

Projects aside, Roy is a globetrotter, planet & animal lover, football & esports fan. He is a natural networker, experienced solution finder, and challenges lovers with an eye for details and the energy to get things done. He believes in technology and the power of people, with a deep passion for empowering others to reach their full potential and live an amazing life.

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