SG | NodeJS: Harness the Power of the Hive-Mind

10 Central Exchange Green, Opposite #02-02, Singapore 138649 PIXEL Seminar Room Level 2

While JavaScript is the lingua franca in building highly interactive web applications, it was not until server side Javascript aka NodeJS came about, the JavaScript ecosystem experienced an exponential growth in terms of usage, adoption and popularity.

Javascript has since become the most popular programming language on Github, outnumbering the second most popular language, Python, by a factor of two, in terms of contributions. Enterprises and trailblazers alike (Netflix, Uber, PayPal, Capital One, Walmart to name a few) are embracing the incredible power that comes with a strong community and wide developer mind share.

Do you think the speed at which your organization innovates is too slow? Are you working on a legacy code base and curious about knowing whether there are any alternatives? Are you building a business but facing talent shortage and want to get access to the best minds? In this interactive session we are going to discuss these questions and would discover together how introducing a forward thinking technology can impact our work and organizations.

We are also going to look at some incredible tools built by the community that we can use to build extremely powerful web APIs, understand why server-less applications are gaining momentum and learn how to get started working with NodeJS.

It’s going to be fun! See you there.

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Propose an event idea to us

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