Open Day 校園開放日


The best battle plans to overcome the economic crisis. 面對經濟危機的臨危勒馬計劃

About this Event

Discover Your Exciting New Career in Tech at Our Campus.

Join us on our open day where we will share key insights into how our students are breaking into the software and A.I industries. We will offer Q&A sessions with our admissions manager, data science and soft engineering instructors, talent acquisition team, and current students. We can solve all your questions about the 4-month Bootcamp and part-time courses during the Open Day. We’d love to take you for a campus tour, too!

為左解答大家對Xccelerate 4 個月全日制沉浸式科技課程(Coding Bootcamp) 同兼讀制科技增值課程嘅疑慮。我地將會舉行校園開放日+課程簡介會!誠意邀請您參觀全港最多學生好評的No.1 科技 Bootcamp 校舍! 到時將會有課程介紹, 在讀學生分享, 及導師問答環節等。一次過你解答報名前必問嘅問題: 課程內容係咩? 係咪真係轉到行?無接觸過科技讀唔讀得?校舍環境係點? 有咩就業支援? 課程價錢? 我比較適合軟件工程定係數據科學和機器學習課程?保證解答大家的儲積已久嘅問題!

We think about technology a lot, it creates opportunities even during an economic crisis!

Many Economists predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic is strengthening big tech. Big tech and other digital companies are net beneficiaries of new habits and behaviors. Many companies are putting more effort into digital marketing and online customer service. As long as businesses approach the shift to digital marketing strategically, there's no reason why it should just serve as an emergency fill-in, but could carry on providing long-term value when the world eventually gets back to normal. It is time for us to develop our skills to survive in this huge opportunity.


Who should attend:

  • Working professionals who want to invest in themselves
  • Those who are looking for an exciting new career move
  • Startup founders
  • Freelancers
  • Undergraduates
  • Fresh Graduates


  • 覺得前路茫茫
  • 冇時間重返校園
  • 想為人生重新定位
  • 想係科技界創一番事業
  • 自由工作者
  • 就快大專/大學畢業
  • 職埸新人

如果您符合以上其中一個條件, 就立即報名啦!

Subjected to the extend of prohibited group gathering policy, we will split our Open Day attendees into three groups "Full-Stack Software Engineering", "Data Science & Machine Learning", and "Part-time course" and 8 people each. We will double confirm by email if causing any inconvenience please accept our apologies!

由於限聚令延長,開放日將採取分流形式,並以8人為單位,分成3個小組”數據科學和機器學習” , “軟件工程課程” 及 “Part-time 課程”,會以電郵形式個別聯絡參加者,如帶來不便敬請原諒!

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Propose an event idea to us

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