Python for Data Science

7F,#40-44 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan nakedHUB Sheung Wan

Python for Data Science

This brief but intensive workshop will teach you the foundations of Python 3. There are no prequistes and is aimed at introducoty learners. Please bring your own laptops.

This one day crash course is specially designed for students taking Xccelerate's 6 week 'Data Science & Machine Learning Certificate' to provide robust foundations to succeed in the course and in a career in data science.

What Will I Learn?

  • Fundementals in python including basic syntax and variables
  • Ability to apply different data types in python including list, dictionaries and data frame
  • Write fuctions and import packages
  • Numpy arrays and perform simple calculations

Who should attend?

  • Students, fresh graduates, and professionals alike who are eager to enhance their Python/Data Science skills
  • Career switchers looking to get into AI
  • People with little to no experience with SQL and Python
  • People who want to have fun with Python!

Cost HK$499

Xccelerate Lead Data Science & Machine Learning Instructor: Patrick Leung

Patrickenjoys solving problems with statistics and machine learning. He is currently a data scientist at a machine learning startup, specialising in quantitative modelling, text classification and data visualisation. Prior to that, he was a quantitative modeler for 4+ years in the sports trading industry, where he designed and developed predictive models and automated trading tools. Patrick firmly believes in the power of data science and the potential of its profound impact on the world.

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Propose an event idea to us

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