Should Lawyers Learn Tech? Staying Ahead of the Innovation Game

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We’re finally at the stage where it’s time to let go of “status quo” and take proactive measures to keep the legal industry relevant with the times.

Within the next decade, millions of jobs will be replaced by machines, or to put it gently, “automated”. The legal industry is not immune to this change and neither is your role in it.

Around the globe, savvy lawyers have been learning how to automate their workflows so that they can simply do more with less, minimizing unnecessary overhead and painful clerical tasks.

Whether you want to find out what aspect of tech is relevant for you to learn or, even better, you do but don’t know how to act on it, this panel is for you.

What we’ll cover:

  • Automating your firm and potential pitfalls you might overlook

  • Developing client-facing solutions to expand legal services

  • Technologies legal professionals should consider learning about and to what capacity

  • Liability mitigation with tech

  • Data visualization, dashboards and other software tools you might be curious but don’t quite understand yet

Who should attend:

  • Innovative professionals in the legal and compliance fields

  • Aspiring lawyers, lawtech and techlaw specialists

  • Those in tech looking for opportunities to fill gaps for lawyers

  • As always, anyone interested in an engaging panel discussion


Edwin Siew

UK Chartered Patent Attorney

Hsiang Low

Co-Head of Linklaters Nakhoda-Asia

Sebastian Ko

Lawyer and Business Leader in Lawtech and Regtech

Alex Ho

Principal Solicitor, Chief Patent Engineer

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Propose an event idea to us

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