Smart City Hackathon Hong Kong 2018

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, 2 Science Park W Ave

Xccelerate is proud to be a community partner of the Smart City Hackathon Hong Kong 2018

Smart City Challenges. Connect the Dots.

Open Data | IoT | Blockchain


  1. Smart Mobility Challenge by GetLinks

Develop a prototype that improves the transportation and /or logistics For example, your team can build applications including, but not limited to, intermodal transport optimization system, demand and supply matching, etc.

  1. Smart Environment Challenge

Develop a prototype that improves our environment using relevant datasets (e.g. weather, air quality, etc.).

For example, your team can build applications including, but not limited to, smart energy monitoring app, air quality detection and control device, waste management system, etc.

  1. Smart Living Challenge by Datum

Develop a prototype that utilize Datum platform – The Data Marketplace powered by Blockchain Sample applications: Email Receipts, Financial Data, KYC Document Storage, Tokenizing Consumer Data for Enterprise, etc.

Details: Datum

A prototype can be a standalone software, web, mobile app, hardware, IoT application, game, and among other electronic format. A prototype is not a PowerPoint-like presentation. During the final pitch, live demonstration is necessary.

In addition to using the provided datasets, your team are free to use any open data or crawl data from the Internet

Please indicate which of the above challenges you are interested to join. Or you can be carefree and let us pick for you!


Before the Final Pitch:

Submit the Team Name and Team Members

Submit a Project Description at DevPost

During the Final Pitch, each team has to present the following:

3-minute Live Demonstration

PowerPoint-like presentation is NOT allowed.

1-minute Q & A

PowerPoint-like slides can be shown to help your team answer questions from the judging panel.


Exclusive access to Data Sets for a short period of time (90 days). Data access methods will be announced during the competition.

We are glad to collaborate with the following Data Providers:

HKIA – HKIA Facilities and Flight Schedule

Cargosmart – Sailing Schedule

Rehab Bus – Rehab bus pickup point locations, scheduled route service

HKSTP – Energy Consumption Data, Shared Bike Position and Availability, Public Transportation Status, People Flow Data, Refuse Statistics

BGI – Liver Cancer Data

Green Safety – Driving pattern of mini-bus

Hong Kong Housing Society – Bone Data, Brain Data, CoCoSc Cognitive Data, Healthy Tour Data, Reaching Data, Tour Data, Tug Data

Price Rite – Store Location

Arrow Asia Pac – Arrow Sensor Hub

Power Mew – Property Transaction Record

Uber – Uber Products Offer by Location

Remotec - Remoteble Service Data

SCMP – SCMP Articles Sample Data

Hong Kong Police Force – Traffic Accidents and Casualties

Drainage Services Depatment – Draining Service Complaint

Census & Statistics Department – Government Wages Statistics

Radica – 7-11 Stores Location and Services, Car Park Availability, Crime Records, Monthly Average Housing Price by Districts, Supermarket Daily Price Watch, Public Restroom in HK

In addition to above, teams are encouraged to do web scrapping on public datasets.


ALL AGES & GENDERS with comfort in manipulating datasets!

Team Size should range from 2-5 people with balanced skillsets on data crunching, data analysis, visualization, programming, business modelling, etc.

Programming Skills is assessed on a self-indicated basis via the registration form.


Dr. Dorothy Chan Independent Non-executive Director, MTR Corporation Limited

Dr. Winnie Tang Honorary Presidents, Smart City Consortium

Ms. Gracie Ng Associate Director, ICT Cluster & Smart City Platform, HKSTP

Representative from Datum

Representative from Microsoft


Day 1 (Sep 1)

9:00 AM : Doors Open & Breakfast

10:00 AM : Opening, Sponsor Welcomes, & Team Building

11:00 AM : Coding Kick Off

1:00 PM : Lunch

4:00 PM : Microsoft Technical Workshop / Sponsor Breakout Sessions

7:00 PM : Dinner

9:00 PM: Shuttle Transport from HKSTP to Kowloon Tong MTR Station

Day 2 (Sep 2)

8:00 AM : Breakfast

12:00 PM : Lunch

1:00 PM : Code Freeze & Submission Deadline

1:30 PM : A/V Check

2:00 PM : Demos

4:00 PM : Winners are Announced / Prizes!





Data Studio @ HKSTP



Global Shapers Communtiy Hong Kong





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