Smart Contracts: Daml Code Walk-Through


In this second session of Smart Contract with DAML, we will dive deeper into the real application of smart contract. From this coding walk-through session, you will get a concrete mental model of how smart contracts operate and applied in businesses. Key takeaway from this session is that you will get an additional skill on how to formulate a smart contract using Daml language.

This class is Session 2 of 3 of Smart Contract with DAML series More about Daml:

Who should join? This course is most relevant for developers wishing to upskill themselves in smart contracts technologies, and anyone that might be interested in fintech and smart contracts.

Key takeaways: [Workshop 2] Daml coding walk-through

  • Brief overview of workshop 1
  • review of smart contracts and Daml language
  • Guide viewers on how to install the Daml SDK
  • a step by step guide on how to formulate a smart contract
  • Daml in action
  • how to formulate smart contract, simple code walk through, and how to deploy it on Hyperledger Fabric

[Future Module] Workshop 3: DAML Coding Tutorial and Walk-Through (Continue)

"My name is Max, I'm currently the developer relations for Digital Asset. My primary goal is to showcase the power of Daml, the open source smart contract language. Prior to joining Digital Asset, I worked as a software engineer at a crypto sports betting company."

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Propose an event idea to us

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