The Future of Energy


Panel with Averey Chan, Cameron Jones, Max Song, Lavine Hemlani & Tom Corbin

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Scientists agree that human activity is causing serious changes to our climate and that we need to drastically lower our emissions in order to avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown. Getting there will require the world’s largest sector and biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions to make great changes, involving and affecting businesses and individuals at large.

Join us in an exploration of different approaches, from renewable energy to smart building and energy efficiency and a discussion of public policies, market mechanisms and where Hong Kong finds itself on the pathway towards a clean energy society.

About the speakers:

Max Song

Investor, Data Scientist, Schwarzman Scholar

Max loves problem solving and the thrill of thinking on his feet. A former data scientist and founder of the Global Solutions Festival, he now is a venture partner at PCG, where he conducts research into cutting edge fields and technology, interacts with companies, and looks for ways to build dynamic and valuable relationships. He has recently been focusing his attention on defining sustainability post-Covid19, and the impending climate change crisis, as well as ways to build products and services to address climate change.

Max was selected as part of the first batch of Schwarzman Scholars, where he completed a masters at Tsinghua University, and wrote his thesis on US-China cross border investment opportunities for renewable energy.

Cameron Jones

Division Head, Innovation and Sustainability at BlocksEDU

Cameron is an experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental sphere and a passion for Corporate Social Responsibility. With BlocksEDU he is developing university courseware in Sustainable Energy Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility for the industries of tomorrow.

He has worked with the Government of Alberta where he was a Director of Project Management and successfully led multiple projects under the Government of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. He holds a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Energy Policy and has published on both Renewable Energy Markets and Carbon Mitigation Technologies. He was elected Vice President of the Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) in Alberta where he organized a number of sold-out events on climate change and emerging technologies. Prior to Alberta, Cameron worked with the UK Energy Research Centre and helped contributed to energy policy development for the Government of the United Kingdom. He serves as an advisor to Flash Forest Inc., YPE, and the Okanagan Zambia Health Initiative.

Lavine Hemlani

Founder & CEO, Xccelerate

Passionate about pioneering advanced technology education to empower individuals, enterprises and workforces.

Founder and CEO of Xccelerate, a leading ed-tech and future of work start-up headquartered in HK with regional capabilities. Xccelerate is founded on the vision that the greatest opportunity for improving lives is education and aspires to reinvent education to address the colossal talent challenges in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Software Engineering, Blockchain and Design across Asia.

Xccelerate drives outcomes for individuals, enterprises and governments by leveraging expert instructors, proprietary curriculum and learning software. Prior to Xccelerate, Lavine co-founded FLYR and worked with deep learning startup Thread Genius (acquired by Sotheby’s). Lavine began his career in investment banking in NYC at Lazard’s Mergers & Acquisitions division (M&A) and held investment facing roles at the following funds: Atlas Capital, Marwar Capital and Union Park Capital.

Lavine also serves as Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Society of HK and on the Board of Directors of the 24 Hour Race, a global non-profit that fights modern slavery.


Tom Corbin

Founder of 6Degrees, Software Engineer, Architectural Designer

Tom has worked extensively on architectural projects in Singapore, where sustainability is ingrained into the culture. He has since transitioned to software engineering and has founded 6Degrees with the aim of using technology to bring a similar level of awareness and appreciation for the public consciousness in Hong Kong.

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