The Impact of AI on the Retail Experience

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By now we are all aware of massive players in the global ecommerce space… the likes of Amazon and Taobao have become very efficient when it comes to helping customers quickly acquire goods without leaving the comfort of home. Smart search algorithms and recommendations help customers find items that they didn’t know they wanted but somehow feel compelling to purchase due to the sheer convenience of the transaction.

In this panel discussion we will dive into the effects that the impending AI revolution holds for the consumer retail experience, from manufacturing and logistics to online and offline experiences. Why is it that major players like Amazon are so intent on creating a brick and mortar experience but global giants like Walmart have seemingly adopted AI at a snail’s pace? How long will it take places like Hong Kong, where traditional in-store experiences are still strongly values, to begin to transform the way it serves the massive influx of shoppers in districts like Causeway Bay and Mong Kok?

We’ve dug deep into our networks to stack the panel with experts in AI, consumer experiences, and fintech to share insights that may change the way we perceive consumerism in years to come.

You should join if:

-You work in AI/Tracking consumer habits

-You are a consumer and want to know how your data is utilized

-You are in traditional retail and want to keep up with modern and future trends

-You want to hear a bunch of great minds fill you in on what the future hold for us all as consumers


Leo Chiu - Founding Engineer @ MyFitnessPal

Leo was recruited as one of the first five engineers to build and scale the infrastructure for MyFitnessPal. Under Leo, the successful mobile app scaled eight-fold and he led a big data initiative to turn terabytes of mobile and web data into actionable insights for users such as Kafka, Kinesis, Hadoop Spark, Tableau, and redshift. MyFitnessPal was acquired by Under Armour for $475M. The last four big data/AI startups where Leo served as core contributor all led to successful IPO or M&A (combined valuation of $1B+). Leo is now mentoring local college graduates and young adults in Hong Kong and China about innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

Victor Ruiz - Co-Founder/CEO @ actiMirror

Victor is a Hong Kong based European entrepreneur with extensive global exposure having lived and worked in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  After 18 years delivering growth as a corporate entrepreneur for Fortune 500 US and European corporations, Victor co-founded actiMirror in 2014.

Under Victor’s leadership, actiMirror has evolved from a Hong Kong start-up to the World leading company in its sector in less than 4 years. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Silicon Valley, soon Europe, and a network of international distributors. actiMirror has gained a reputation for being the Global Smart Mirror Authority, making Victor a frequent speaker at industry panels discussing topics such as: what does the AI revolution holds for the consumer offline-to-online retail experience; how IoT and Digital Transformation help enterprises to Improve Customer Experience; new scalable technologies in IoT; how IoT is combined with Big Data and Machine Learning; or technology innovation hubs.

Victor is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian plus Mandarin at humble beginner level.  He earnt his Executive MBA at Kellogg-HKUST, ranked Worldwide number one by the Financial Times.

Andrea Varotto - Management Consultant @ SBT Human(s) Matter

Andrea is a management consultant at SBT Human(s) Matter, a company bringing together multidisciplinary skills in the fields of cognitive science, consulting and training. Throughout his career, he has been working with F&B and Retail industry leaders to reinvent the way they work and grow. Andrea holds a Masters in Management from the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Lewis Pong - CEO/Co-Founder @ Easychat

Lewis is the CEO and Co-founder of Easychat, a AI-powered Messaging Automation platform to help consumer business achieve predictive marketing performance and higher online conversion through cross-channel messaging marketing. Lewis is also the founder of Fetch, an eCommerce marketplace that topped AppStore ranking in Hong Kong. Prior to his entrepreneur journey, Lewis led a cross-border team on cross-border strategic development for Happy Elements, a Beijing-based pre-IPO stage startup in Tokyo. He also worked as a Structured Finance Analyst at Sojitz, a MNC in Tokyo. Lewis held a Bachelor degree in Risk Management and Finance at the University of Hong Kong, and a MSc degree in Finance and Management at Cranfield School of Management, UK.

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