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UX Design(用戶體驗)係設計過程不可或缺嘅部份,尤其是產品設計同創新。 UX 設計師需要以「以人為本」嘅設計思維,創造出最正嘅使用者體驗。

About this Event

今次 Xccelerate 嘅 UX Showcase Night 係一個線上 UX 畢業作品展示晚會,經過6 星期嘅 UX 培訓,我地嘅Part-time UX Course 畢業生將會向大家展示最新創作嘅 UX 作品。另外,我地仲史無前例地加入行內人士點評環節。觀眾可唔可以一齊參與?梗係可以!我地預備左現場觀眾投票環節,大家可以揀自己鍾意嘅作品,投票出 "The Most Popular Award" 贏家!

呢晚對於一群 UX 新血設計師意義重大,大家唔單止可以見證學習成果,吸收有關UX作品嘅見解同啟發,仲可以同經驗豐富嘅 UX 設計師交流,機會難得。


  • 想開始或者轉行做UX相關工作
  • 想了解UX,同志同道合嘅人交流
  • 想報讀 UX 課程,想知道學習成果
  • 係 UI 設計師/營銷人員,想了解多啲 UX
  • 想請 UX 設計師

咁就 9月3日,星期四晚上見啦!

UX (User Experience), one of the important driving forces for innovation and product design, is a forefront for their design process. UX allows companies to see through the lens’ of customers and design the best products.

Xccelerate’s UX Showcase Night is a special night for our cohort of fresh UX designers graduated from our part-time students. They have been creating projects with many innovative ideas. To witness their brilliance and effort in their original masterpieces, we are beyond excited to announce that the UX Showcase Night is going to be held on 3rd September 2020 (Thursday)!

That night, we will be featuring our students with outstanding work to do a presentation to walk through various research findings and design solutions respectively, whereas our invited guests- experienced UX designers will give critiques on their work.

Our audience will be able to take an active part of our night, being exposed to the insights and constructive feedback experienced people have to say about UX works during the presentation session. What’s more? We have also prepared a session for all including you to exchange ideas and network with these experienced UX designers on this night of insights and innovation. There will be a polling session, in which you will also be invited to vote for your favourite presented project!

The UX Showcase Night will definitely be a fruitful night of fun and insights for all! We hope to see you there!

This Showcase night is for:

  • Aspired Individuals who are looking to build a new career in UX
  • UX/UI Designers who are interested in connecting with other like-minded professionals
  • Anyone who is interested in UX Bootcamp / courses and comparing UX outcomes
  • Marketers/ graphic designers who want to learn more about UX design
  • Recruiters who are looking for UX designer

Language: English Presentation + Cantonese/English in Networking Session

FREE Networking event, limited tickets! Get your ticket ASAP

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