Livestream: Why AI & Machine Learning needs to be decentralized.

2 Jul 2019 · Tue 7:00 PM-7:45 PM

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Why is decentralizing of AI & Machine Learning important?

AI & Machine Learning models are currently centralized in such a way that seems to only benefit gigantic tech corporations which have enormous access to more data than anyone else. Decentralization of these systems will make the training of AI/ML models better & faster. There are 3 key pillars to enable this:

  1. Blockchain enables the decentralization of data - Ocean Protocol, Quadrant are already working in this specifically for AI/ML. Gems/Effect.AI are working on labeling that data.

  2. Blockchain enables sharing of AI algorithms - Singularity, Cortex, will have marketplaces for this as well as trained AI models.

  3. Blockchain enables sharing of idle to compute resources - (Golem, Perlin, Raven). Raven built a framework that performs AI training faster than the other solutions.

Watch live to see what you can do immediately to improve your knowledge on the importance of decentralization of AI/Machine Learning models! Real-life examples will be used to illustrate the power of Blockchain & what be done to move away from the current data market monopoly. This live training workshop will bring the 2 weeks normal training period for one model to under 3 hours.

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Sherman Lee

AI Adviser

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