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[Important announcement] This event has be transformed to a virtual event on 9 Apr 2020.

[重要通知] 因疫情影響, Talent Night 將轉為線上舉行的全日Talent Day。

Chinese version following

Looking for fresh tech talent for your company here in Hong Kong? Look no further: meet ready-to-hire Data Scientists and Software Engineers in one convenient location at the 14th edition of our Tech Talent Day.

Xccelerate proudly presents 20+ graduates of our intensive full-time immersive software engineering, data science & machine learning programs. We've tailored the atmosphere of the event, over the past 3 years, to give you the opportunity to meet and greet talented individuals who can help bring your business to the next level.

Join us to explore graduates capstone projects and learn about their skills and abilities. You'll get a chance to chat with them and understand which personalities fit your culture and team needs.

Hiring has never been more engaging and efficient virtually.

This event is for:

  • Companies looking to hire outstanding tech talents
  • Strategic partners and investors to potentially discover new and exciting ideas worth championing

Over 90% of Xccelerate graduates of our programs are hired within 2-3 months of completing our program.

The venue will be opened for networking and companies to express their interest in hiring any of our graduates.

Why attend:

  • 20+ potential Full-stack Software Engineers and Data Scientists to hire for your company in one location
  • Conduct quick online interviews or casual chats on Zoom
  • Low-stress environment
  • Best ROI for your time spent seeking talent for your team


  • Date: 9 Apr 2020 (Thur)
  • Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM (By Appointment) 6:00PM - 8:00PM (Livestream Event)
  • Format: Livestream & Zoom
  • Language: English
  • Fee: Free


5 days before the event day: You will receive a link to student's outcome page, if you are interested to meet the project group, you can make an appointment for private meetings through the link we send in the email.

Before the event started: You will receive livestream portal & Zoom room links by email

Event day: 1000 - 1800: Private meeting with project group 1800 - 1830: Livestream event 1830-2000: Zoom room meeting with students

A few success stories and case studies:

Miro AI0 Planto FinFabrik Nova Graphen

Xccelerate 第14屆Tech Talent Night 又來了!

4個月的沉浸式Coding Bootcamp 課程, 本應朝9晚6返學上堂, 但自1月底疫症爆發(亦即係課程途中), 大部分學生都留係屋企進行線上課堂, 有同學甚至出走外國避菌! 連需要團隊合作嘅Capstone Project 都要線上進行! 到底係疫境中學習, 學習水平會點呢?


  • 正在尋找科技人才嘅顧主
  • 考慮緊報讀下一屆Coding Bootcamp 嘅人
  • 想了解多D有關軟件開發, 數據科學同機器學習嘅人


  • 日期: 2020年4月9日(星期四)
  • 時間: 10:00AM - 6:00PM (By Appointment) 6:00PM - 8:00PM (Livestream Event)
  • 地點: 線上直播
  • 主要語言: 英文為主
  • 活動費用: 免費


活動開始5日前: 您將會透過電郵接收學生作品展示頁, 如何您對某組別有興趣, 您可以預約會議時間. 於活動當日與學生進行實時對話。

活動開始前: 您將會透過電郵接收線上直播室連結及Zoom 會議室連結

活動當日: 1000 - 1800: 進入Zoom會議室與學生小組進行私人實時對話 1800 - 1830: 線上直播室直播 1830-2000: 進入Zoom會議室與學生進行實時對話

關於以往Talent Night 的成功招聘故事:

Miro AI0 Planto FinFabrik Nova Graphen

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Propose an event idea to us

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