For talented, confident and ambitious women in Hong Kong to the next stage of technology literacy.


- Female (HKSAR Permanent Residency)

- Over 18 years old

- Registered as a Wantedly user

- Non-Registered Students

- Available for a full-time bootcamp from Jan til April 2021 (4-month period)

- Own a laptop

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What the program entails

We will select a limited number of candidates who will receive 50% scholarship to enroll in the Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp or the Full-Time Immersive Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp. Students of either immersive program will be placed in a paid apprenticeship upon graduation.

Apply for Women in Tech Scholarship

Applications must be submitted by Sep 22, 2020

About Wantedly

Wantedly is a Tokyo-listed company that uses the web to make 'work' the most exciting it’s ever been. To make this happen, Wantedly has created a platform where people and companies meet based on passion and values, rather than money or benefits.

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