Professional Mobile App Development for Beginners

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Learn how to build simple mobile apps that you can use to build your own ideas out or even contribute to existing projects within companies that are using Flutter.

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Tue & Thu
6 weeks
19:30 -21:30
Junior Developer, Flutter Devloper, Mobile App Developer
- Digital (Linkedin, CV)
- Physical (Employer)


Learn how to build a mobile app from 0 to app store ready

Methodology applies to both Android and iOS apps

Learn Flutter: an up and coming trending toolkit for professional mobile app development

Learn the essentials of coding while you develop your idea

Build a diverse range of beautiful apps, including 2D games, productivity apps, finance apps and more

Fast development cycles for rapid learning and application

This course is designed to give students the ability to build simple yet customisable mobile apps that you can use to build your own ideas out or even contribute to existing projects within companies that are using Flutter.

Flutter is the newest technology created by Google to help build UIs across iOS, Android, and even web! Using this framework, you should be able to build out any app and not have to worry about compatibility and just focus on your goal!

What you‘ll learn

Unit 1 :
"Coding for Absolute Beginners Guide"

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Course Fees

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Course Features

This is for:

  • Anyone looking to become a mobile app developer
  • Anyone who wants to work with mobile app developers
  • People who want to bring their ideas to life
  • Startup Founders
  • Product Managers
  • Consultants
  • UX/UI professionals looking to prototype their ideas

You will get:

  • Experience with an up and coming framework created by Google
  • Projects that you have build that you can show to others
  • Learn from zero to app store deployment

A realm of possibilities:

  • Can create your own mobile app
  • Can work together with existing mobile app developers

Course Schedule

1*2019 Oct

* This is the first cohort of this course. We always work with industry experts as instructors, but as a thank you for taking the first run we are offering a special “cohort 1 rate” that will increase in future iterations.

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You will receive the following certificate upon completing the course. Xccelerate certificates will be issued digitally for you to add to your LinkedIn as well as your CV and resume. Xccelerate certificates are recognised as the industry standard with hundreds of employers, start-ups and leading tech companies and enterprises. Xccelerate skills allow talent to up-skill fast, gain career advancement and industry recognition.

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