Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

Over the past decade Data Science has been essential for businesses, allowing executives to make data-informed decisions. The data science course is perfect for anyone interested in knowing how to tackle business opportunities with data.

Course Overview

Machine learning is a computer program that changes behaviour overtime in order to correct its mistakes through practicing tasks. Machine learning allows companies to train computers on tasks that may seem repetitive or rather simple for humans using data science. This course allows participants to learn the underlying skills to create programming algorithms that can identify key data points and act upon them.

Previous participants have been able to independently conduct their analysis with precision and accuracy. Individuals who have come out of this course have been able to provide major realised benefits to their corporations in all areas of business.

Please contact our consultation team (Thomas Ho and Tony Lee) for an indepth detail and course brochure.

Technologies Used

  • Python Programming for Data Analysis
  • NumPy Python Libraries
  • Pandas Python Libraries
  • Matplotlib Python Libraries

Tailored Consultation and Implementation

This course can be tailored to cater your company’s strategic and technological needs. Please contant for a consultation and implementation plan.

Original Pricing

HKD $9,000

After RTTP

HKD $3,000

Application Process

Five Simple Steps to get reimbursement approval

  1. Search for Xccelerate and apply to our registered RTTP courses on the Vocational Training Council (VTC) Registered Public Courses Page
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  1. Register a company account accordingly

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*A soft copy of the company’s BRC would be required for registration

  1. Receive an approved VTC account after one week of registering.
  2. Apply for the course(s)

*Document needed for your application: a copy of the Hong Kong Identity Card for participants taking the course

  1. Contact Xccelerate

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