freshtech scholarship


The Xccelerate Tech Talent Development Program was created to assist a select batch of fresh university graduates and provide them cutting-edge tech skills worthy of entry-level job requirements at an extremely accessible cost.


- Eligible applicants must have proof of university graduation between June 2017 and July 2020

- Demonstrate a need and desire to compliment your degree with practical job-ready tech skills

What the program entails:

We will select three candidates per cohort who will receive a 50% scholarship to enroll in the Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp or the Full-Time Immersive Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp.

Full Time

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive
16 Weeks
Full Time

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive
16 weeks

How to Apply

Here is how the application process works:

Step 1: Essential Application Form

Kindly fill out this form and disclose key details that will help us make an informed decision.

Step 2: Tell Us Your Unique Story

There are no requirements on length, but we trust that you will put your heart into it. Please include:

A. Why you deserve our financial sponsorship (kindly disclose further details of your subscription to any social assistance programs if you feel comfortable to do so)

B. How this program aligns with your personal interests, career and life goals

C. Bonus question: discuss any work experience undertaken and what you have learned from them

Step 3: Coding Challenge in Person

If you believe that you are suitable for the program, we will schedule an in-person coding challenge to assess your thinking ability under work-like circumstances.

Wait to hear back from us…

We will assess your application as a whole and get back to you with a final decision.


Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by Feb 29 2020