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Everyone has a unique story, therefore we encourage everyone to apply. For this program, as the name entails, we are committed to providing a for individuals in their time of need. Some relevant cases would be:

- Individuals who have lost thier jobs during Covid-19

- Recent university graduates who are searching for jobs in the technology sector

What the program entails:

We will select a limited number of candidates who will receive 50% scholarship to enroll in the Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp or the Full-Time Immersive Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp. Students of either immersive program will be placed in a paid apprenticeship upon graduation.

Full Time

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive

Full-Stack Software Engineering Immersive
16 Weeks
Jan 1 2021
Full Time

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive

Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive
16 weeks
Jan 1 2021

How to Apply

Here is how the application process works:

Step 1: Essential Application Form

Kindly fill out this form and disclose key details that will help us make an informed decision.

Step 2: Tell Us Your Unique Story

There are no requirements on length, but we trust that you will put your heart into it. Please include:

A. Why you are looking for financial sponsorship (kindly disclose further details of your subscription to any social assistance programs if you feel comfortable to do so)

B. How this program aligns with your personal interests, career and life goals

C. Discuss any work experiance undertaken and what you have learnt from that experiance

D. Bonus question: Feel free to include any additional infomration that you would like to share

Step 3: Phone Interview

The Furutre Educaition Foundation will reach out for a phone interview to learn more about your unique story.

Step 4: Coding Challenge in Person

If you have made it through the phone interview, we will schedule an in-person coding challenge to assess your thinking ability under work-like circumstances.

Wait to hear back from us…

We will assess your application as a whole and get back to you with a final decision.


Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by Aug 3, 2020

More about Future Education Foundation

The Future Education Foundation Scholarship aims to provide local bright talents with learning opportunities in programming and data science, with the broader vision of training future talent to address the growing challenges in skilled tech labor shortage for the New Economy.

We hope that selected beneficiaries will have the opportunity to transform their lives through a career in technology. We are delighted to partner with Xccelerate to sponsor two selected students to complete a four months bootcamp program. Thereafter, assisting with their employment in apprenticeship and full-time roles in tech.

Future Education Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Hong Kong by MindWorks Ventures in 2019. The founding members are committed to investing in non-conventional educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life of generations to come.

More about MindWorks Ventures

MindWorks Ventures was established in 2014 with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. MindWorks is a global advisory firm that seeks to make investments in the technology sector.

As a post-seed stage investor, they have helped their portfolio companies expand operations into 16 countries, creating more than 8000 innovation-related jobs with over 500 jobs in Hong Kong alone.

With notable investments in Lalamove, KKday, and Dianrong among others, the company is recognized by institutions such as Forbes as a top 1% performing fund in Asia.