“Zero Tuition until Hired” Criteria and FAQ

The Zero Tuition until Hired plan aims to make our full-time immersive Data Science and Software Engineering courses accessible to as many individuals as possible, however this is an exclusive payment plan that is limited to qualified applicants only.

Before and during the course:

  • Pass our initial in-person interview
  • HK$20,000 deposit
  • Achieve 90% attendance rate during the course
  • Complete all pre-course prep work

After the course:

Complete weekly progress reports marking down your efforts in securing a job Your course certificate of completion will be distributed once you obtain a job and complete all payments OR are not able to secure a job within 6 months of graduation.

Once you secure a job, complete payments of HK$3500/month for 12 months thereafter. This will bring the final course fee up to HK$62,000 opposed to $45,000 with up-front cash.

For more information on our zero tuition until hired plan, please schedule an in-person interview with us.