HK Government: Healthcare Statutory Body

Tony Lee

21 Oct 2020

HK Government: Healthcare Statutory Body accelerates its use of computer vision and deep learning in Clinical Radiology

Xccelerate designed and delivered an advanced industry-specific training program for a leading government body in Hong Kong to equip employees from the radiology division in harnessing the power of deep learning applied to medical image analysis. With the help of instructors that have decades of experience in Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, the training allowed the employees to improve their technical skills and address critical skills gaps in driving A.I. transformation to serve customers. Combining lectures, labs and hands-on projects, Xccelerate successfully delivered learning outcomes in deploying computer vision algorithms for X-Rays, CT Scans, breast cancer detection and lung node scans. Equipping government talent with critical skills allows technology advances to drive earlier cancer detection, speeden waiting times, more accurate X-Ray processing and better patient outcomes across hospitals in Hong Kong.


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