4-Day UX Challenge: 4 Essential Skills to Include in Your UX Portfolio

Online Challenge! 🚀

Want to unlock your potential in UX?

Take the 4-Day Challenge and gain some new skills! 🚀

All it takes is 60 mins each session. Lunch & Learn hour starting 15 July!

About the Challenge: Join our 4-Day UX Challenge to kick start your UX portfolio building from scratch! Learn skills for beginners and by the end of the challenge you will have created a portfolio with some essential elements to present in your future UX career!

This challenge is beginner-friendly, no experience required.

How does it work?

  • 60-min per session online workshops (Fri 15, 22,29 July and 5 Aug 12:00 - 1:00pm)
  • Access to instructors and the Xccelerate community via Discord https://discord.com/invite/PafRhkUShS
  • Schedule:
    📅 Fri 15, 22,29 July and 5 Aug
    ⏰ 12:00pm - 1:00pm (lunch & learn!)
    💻 Online
    🌐 English
    Day 1 : Landing page
    Day 2 : Mobile app design
    Day 3 : Product page
    Day 4: Dashboard

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    This challenge is a great opportunity to get a taste of our virtual learning experience!

    About our Immersive Full-Stack UX Design

    In this 16-week immersive full-stack UX design course, you will learn the basics of UX research and design methods through a combination of in-class practical assignments and project-based learning. At Xccelerate, we care about helping you achieve your career goals. Our dedicated Talent Solutions team is devoted to providing you with career support through career workshops and help you land your dream job through our Tech Job Board.

    Next course starts in Aug! ⚡️

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