Xccelerate workshop series: Introduction to HTML & CSS

16F,#40-44 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan nakedHUB Sheung Wan

Want to find out if a career in web technology is for you?

Xccelerate presents its first speed coding session. This will be a fast paced code-along where we will be creating a Foodie App UI to showcase your favorite eateries. No prequisites required, the only thing you’ll need to bring is your laptop and a passion to learn new skills.

By taking part in this workshop, you will:

  • See why many different fields benefit from coding knowledge.
  • Learn how HTML and CSS function together to form the backbone of the web.
  • Develop a working web page from scratch.

Xccelerate will offer you a different learning experience in comparison to other traditional workshops and online lessons. Here at Xccelerate, we believe in the flipped-class room pedagogy as student’s perform significantly better in a project- based autonomous learning environment in contrast to the conventional lecture-based method. Our workshops dive into the fundamentals of project building for beginners who are seeking for hands-on coding experiences.

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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