Brain Gym Series : Intro to User Experience trial class


捉緊機會,參加今次特登為您哋設計嘅Intro to UX Trial Class !

About this Event

UX 喺香港嘅發展越來越快,無論係大企業或中小企,UX都得到更多嘅認受性。UX用途好廣,無論喺產品設計、商業決定、服務設計、同埋市場研究等範疇都有具大貢獻。想試吓UX呢個新領域啱唔啱自己?快啲嚟參加我哋嘅Trial Class,好好咁淺嘗呢項21世紀不能劃缺嘅技能啦!


  • 想了解更加多關於UX design
  • 希望用UX 創業,探索多種搵工出路
  • 係平面設計師/營銷人員,想知多點關於UX design
  • 企業/初創企業搵緊一啲以客戶為中心嘅產品研發方式
  • 想開始或者轉行做UX有關工作


咁就要捉緊機會,參加今次特登為您哋設計嘅UX Trial Class 啦!

Trial Class overview:

  • 1.5小時嘅講師指導內容
  • 了解UX關鍵原理同埋應用
  • 分辦 UX & UI
  • 了解UX嘅就業機會
  • 即場實踐同練習
  • Q&A環節
  • 同其他對於UX有興趣嘅人士交流

語言: 廣東話教學 + 英文資料

The development of UX is gaining momentum in Hong Kong. With this new field getting more recognition, UX has become more widely used in product design, decision making, service design and market research. Are you prepared to play in this league and be equipped with the essential tech skills of the 21st century?

Interested in making a move to the hottest & most trendy job in the tech industry?

Join our trial class if you:

  • Want to explore more about UX design
  • Interested to switch into/ start a new career in UX design
  • Marketers/ graphic designers who want to apply UX design skills
  • Business/ start up owners who want to adopt more customer-centred approach in product development

*No previous UX understanding is necessary

Trial class overview:

  • 1.5 hour of instructor-led content
  • Learn the key principles of design thinking and how to apply
  • Differentiate between user experience and user interface
  • Explore different career opportunities in the field
  • Apply your new knowledge in practical exercises
  • Connect with other like-minded professionals

Language : Cantonese + English supporting materials

Experience the UX design process first-hand in a 1.5-hour taster class. Seize this opportunity at our special trial price of $99.

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