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Python 喺現今全球科技發達嘅時代,成為商業社會極為重要嘅工具。佢係其中之一樣最容易學習嘅編程語言,仲可以應用喺唔同範疇嘅業務。如果您想搵更多創新嘅解決方案同機會,Python一定可以提高您嘅業務績效。Python可以點樣應用喺您嘅業務?


  • 網頁設計
  • 數據科學處理
  • 機器學習框架
  • 自然語言的處理
  • 電子游戲研發
  • 娛樂產品應用


參加我哋為您設計嘅Half-day Workshop,學習Python編程嘅基礎知識。邁進應用Python第一步。


  • 銷售和營銷專業人員
  • 企業家
  • 希望從數據中獲得洞察力的投資者
  • 金融從業人員
  • 想成為數據科學家和數據分析師
  • 想成為網絡/移動應用/軟件開發人員



  • 3小時的講師指導課程
  • Python簡介
  • Python在商業中的應用
  • 商業技術,金融科技,數據科學等領域的職業道路
  • 嘗試實踐如何應用Python
  • Q&A 問答環節



Python is one of the most powerful tools to create value for businesses in today’s internet-driven world. It is one of the easiest programming languages to learn with a large variety of applications in business. Being interested in the innovative solutions and opportunities Python may provide to bolster your business performance, you might wonder what are the top uses of Python in business.

Top 10 uses of Python development language in businesses:

  • Web Development
  • Data Science Solutions
  • Machine Learning Frameworks
  • Python for Natural Language Processing
  • Video Game Development
  • Entertainment Applications

And at least 4 more!

Join our Half-day Workshop to learn the basics of Python programming. This will be your first step into exploring the possibilities of applying Python.

Who should attend:

  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Investors who would like to derive insight from data
  • Financial Practitioners
  • Aspiring data scientists and data analysts
  • Aspiring web/ mobile app/ software developers

Workshop overview:

  • 3 hours of instructor-led session
  • Introduction to Python
  • Applications of Python in business
  • Career paths in business technology, Fintech, data science and more
  • Works on how to apply Python
  • Q&A session

No previous data science background is necessary .

Language : Cantonese

Experience the Python application in a 3-hour taster class.

Seize this opportunity at our special trial price of $199.

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