Break into FinTech | Jam with Zetl

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Are you interested in working in FinTech?

FinTech has reimagined the finance industry, improving customer experience through increased accessibility, transparency and an overall better user experience.

Zetl is a prime example of this, offering flexible, fast financing solutions for SMEs across APAC. With a startup environment, learning mindset and strong team of fintech leaders, you’ll want to learn more about what it’s like to work at a B2B financing company!

Join our interactive jam with the Co-Founder and Commercial Director of Zetl, Mark Francis, to discuss:

  • How FinTech has disrupted the B2B Financing industry
  • What are the latest technological trends and key technologies in the industry?
  • What type of talent is the industry looking for? Skills? Values? Experience?
  • What is it like to work in a FinTech company?
  • Discover what skills and talent Zetl is looking for and find out if you want to work within the 🦾 FinTech industry!

    Event Details:
    📅 Date: Thursday 14 April
    🕒 Time: 12:00 - 12:30
    💻 Format: Zoom
    🌐 Language: English

    About Zetl

    Zetl is Asia-Pacific’s first financing company for asset-light businesses. We help service businesses with their monthly operating expenses by providing growth, payroll, and working capital financing.

    Zetl is headquartered in Hong Kong with a mission to finance the next generation of businesses in Asia-Pacific. These are often young companies without a multi-year operating history that don’t have equipment, inventory, or property which they can use for financing. Zetl offers flexible financing solutions for them that are fully confidential, digital, fast, and require no personal guarantees.

    Break into FinTech | Jam with Zetl is part of Xccelerate’s Career Switch Series 2022.

    About Career Switch Series 2022

    Innovation is the game changer for businesses in this new era. CSS 2022 aims to showcase the future of work and job opportunities by interviewing innovators, disruptors and pioneers in different industries.

    CSS 2022 is for:

  • Career switchers who are considering building their career in tech
  • Tech professionals who are exploring opportunities amongst different industries
  • Entrepreneur who are reshaping/building their business model for a resilient future
  • Recruiters who are interested in tapping into a global tech talent pool
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